VW T2 Devon Concertina 1968-75 Replacement Pop Top Canvas

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This is a direct replacement for the original T2 Devon 68-75 Concertina Pop Top Canvas. It more expensive than the flat sided version because of the work involved in manufacturing.
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This is a direct replacement for the original T2 Devon 68-75 Concertina Pop Top Canvas. The canvas is a concertina shaped to help ensure the pop top folds down neatly without creasing the material ensuring a longer lasting pop top than the flat sided pop top canvas.

In this model the Pop Top roof cap has a low profile and when lowered sits on a fixed fibreglass plinth. There are of fixings passing through the roof as well as a rubber seal surrounding the central panel, these are prone to causing leakage and are often covered by various materials to help stop the leaks.

Distinguishable attributes for the Devon 68-75 Concertina Pop Top:


Straight Up & Down Yes
Struts Inside Spring Loaded struts along the length in V shape
Push Up Bars Down the length of the right and left side.
Top Distance from Rear of Van Approx. 300mm
Top Distance from Front of Van Front of sliding door
Plinth on Van Yes
Thin Lid Yes

Fabric Measurements

The dimensions of where the fabric attaches are: van roof: 2150mm x 1120mm, Roofcap: 2350mm x 1140mm.

Optional Windows - As an optional extra you can order 6 windows in the bellows, you get one front and back and 2 on each side.

 Please note there are a small number of roof conversions done by Holdsworth that looked identical to the Devon but were longer in length, the fixed plinth goes to the very rear of the roof whereas the Devon stops at approx 300mm from the end of the van.

Type of Material used to making the pop tops.

As standard the pop top is supplied with the Printed PVC we do this to keep in with the retro feel of the T2’s options are:

Printed PVC
Solid PVC

For more information on these materials please check the ‘Knowledge Base’ for detailed information and to find out the differences between the materials.

If you are unsure of what pop top roof you have please send images of your vehicle so we can help to advise what roof conversion you have. If we are not 100% sure of what roof conversion you have we will still be able to supply you with a pop top canvas but will ideally need measurements and your old canvas. Please see ‘Custom Canvas’ product page to see more information regarding measurements for a custom canvas.

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