Fitting service

Looking to get a new pop top, but don't have the space, time or know how to do it yourself? Let our competent crew do it for you in our spacious (insured) workshop.

We offer a professional fitting service and have fitted hunderds over the years on all sorts of vans!


How long does it take?

Depending on the work required we can; remove, manufacture and fit a new pop top canvas to your camper within two working days.

 - In this time frame we can also often replace the headlining in the lid and various other small jobs too.

Top tip! When replacing the pop top canvas often it is a good time to respray any sun damaged flaky lids whilst the lid is off the camper. We can do this over the course of a week.


What is the price?

To get the latest prices and to find out our availability please click on the contact form and include:

  • Type of camper
  • Conversion (if known)
  • Potential works to be completed
  • And most importantly (if you have) some pictures of pride and joy.

Alternatively give us a call 0191 4901736 (option 2)



Also check out our Camper Restoration page for other work we can complete on your camper.