Campervan Restorations

Our competent fitters have completed many full interior refurbishments to T2’s and T25’s, we are now opening our doors to all camper vans feel free to enquire to see how we can help you refurbish your van.

Resto 1

Full Camper Interior Restoration

Highlights: Sound proofing, insulation, led lighting, fridge, usb ports, sound system, custom removable carpet, rear kitchen unit.

Resto 2

Full Camper Interior Restoration

Highlights: Waxoyl, vapour barriers, power management system, sound system, interior lining, flooring, kitchen table, rock and roll bed frame, door cards.

Resto 3

From Shell to Finished

Highlights: Fridge, sound system, cab headlining, rear boarded out and headlining attached, kitchen unit, kitchen table, rock and roll bed frame, rock and roll bed cushions, door cards and cushions.


Expansive list of what we offer

See pics below for past restorative works.

Rust prevention

  • Waxoyl inner panels of camper
  • Rust converter and prime any visible rust
  • Vapour barriers

Sound and thermal lining

  • Dynamat (sound deadening)
  • 8mm Sound deadening and thermal foam
  • 3mm sound deading, slight thermal properties


  • Floor plyboard inc sika
  • HD Vinyl flooring 
  • Cab Floor Mat set 3 piece set inc glue
  • Board out above engine bay
  • Carpeting above and front of engine bay
  • Sliding door trim
  • Other trims

Interior Lining

  • Cab headliner inc front windscreen installation
  • Rear boxing out  above curtain rail
  • Rear lining above curtain rail
  • Door cards
  • Rock and roll kickboard


  • Solar Panels
  • MTTP
  • Power management system
  • Fittings cables, fuses etc
  • Lights touch LED
  • External main socket and cable
  • Split Charging
  • DAB Radio and Speakers
  • CBE Plugs
  • Fridge
  • USB ports
  • Sound system
  • Leisure Battery
  • Engine Battery


  • Rock and roll bed cushions 
  • Cab Seat Covers 
  • Buddy Seats
  • Refurb Cab Seats


  • Curtain rail
  • Curtains
  • Covers to hide bunks
  • Bunk Covers
  • Bunk Frames - refurb
  • Kitchen Unit
  • Kitchen Table
  • Overhead Storage
  • Rock and Roll bed frame
  • Roof Rack
  • Diesel Heater
  • Shot Blast and Spray Paint Dash 
  • Car Alarm
  • Sun Canopy

New Pop Top Roof Kit

  • T2 Devon 68-75 Replacement Lid
  • T2 Devon Style Side Elevating Pop Top Roof
  • T2 Devon Style 75 onwards Pop Top Roof
  • T25 Rear Hinging Pop Top Roof
  • T5/T6 Rear Hinging Pop Top Roof

Lifting Mechanisms

  • Stabiliser (stop vertical lifting lids wobbling around)
  • lifting mechanisms shot blast and powder coat
  • Replacement Springs for struts
  • Replacement Gas struts and brackets


Pop Top Roof Refurb

  • Pop top canvas   
  • Restrengthen Lid 
  •  Remove bow in middle of lid
  • Alloy strips clean up and protect
  • Fittings and sealant
  • Hinges and fitted 
  • Replacement Lid Seal  
  • Replacement lid window seals 
  • Roof vent rubber seal
  • Prepare for Spray paint 
  • Respray exterior lid
  • Prep interior lid for paint 
  • Prime and top coat interior of lid 
  • Replacement Board head headlining on
  • Replacement tie down straps
  • Exterior rubber latches and catches
  • Push out hoops Shot Blast and powder coat 
  • Centre roof handle shot blast and powder coat