T2 Westfalia / Westy Front Hinged Pop Top Campervan Insulators

Normally Available in 2-3 Days
Insulators for a T2 Westfalia / Westy Front Hinge Pop Top to keep you warmer on those cold nights.


Do you have a T2 Westfalia / Westy Pop Top Camper and are you or your kids cold in the pop top roof?

We have the ideal solution to this widespread problem:

A silver screen cover that fits on the outside of your canvas covering it and insulating from the outside of your campervan roof. The insulation material used is a multi-layer air bubble film insulation with aluminium bonded to both faces. The aluminium is coated to give durability and corrosion resistance creating a fully waterproof system.

These covers fit neatly and quickly to the outside of your canvas. It attaches with an elastic cord and hook for hinged roofs.

The insulators are supplied rolled in a storage bag but in most cases will fit neatly laid flat on the bedding.

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